Welcome to Kuiseb Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd
As a fishing right holder, Kuiseb Fishing Enterprise (Pty) Ltd being a subsidiary of Naras Investment is a fully owned Namibian company and a shareholder of Naras Investment Business Centre (Pty) Ltd. KFE is a sole owner of Kuiseb Food Processors (Pty) Ltd, and of Kuiseb Fish Traders (Pty) Ltd, a wholesale and retail trader, a sole owner of KFE Marine Farming (Pty) Ltd, a sea and shore based salt water fish farming operation and KFE Aqua Farming (Pty) Ltd, a fresh water (inland) fish farming  operation.


KFE has been engaged with the fishing sector since 1992, and has acknowledged the possible limitation to the fishing stock, and in this respect the company considered being its primary obligation to undertake research in order to expand the fishing industry into related activities for the purpose of ensuring food security and sustainable economic development.

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